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Remedy Makes CRM a Personal Matter
Remedy announced its acquisition of Axtive Software Corporation, a provider of relationship marketing software that supports personalized interactions between surfers and websites.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: a number of different software products. The addition of Axtive s technology will only be interesting to you if Remedy s core product meets your need. If it does, then there are two things to look at in evaluating the value added by this acquisition. First, ask what can you do with it? Remedy should be able to make very specific proposals about how this technology can make a difference in your particular business. Second, get a good understanding of what it will take to implement and maintain the

Zuora Launches Z-Finance for the Subscription Economy » The TEC Blog
Learn more about TEC s software selection process. --> Sep 17 Posted on 17-09-2012 --> Zuora Launches Z-Finance for the Subscription Economy Filed Under ( Industry Observation ) by Ted Rohm  ( see bio )   Zuora announces the launch of Z-Finance for subscription businesses . Zuora’s solution is built on a unique framework to address the shortcomings of traditional accounting methods. The solution complements popular accounting and ERP solutions such as FinancialForce, NetSuite, Oracle, Sage, SAP, and

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: Accounting, financials, financials software solution, industry watch, subscription, subscription economy, Z Finance, zuora, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Best-of-breed Approach to Finance and Accounting
CODA's savvy accounting and financial offerings include budgeting, forecasting, scorecards, and tools that use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets collaboratively and securely. However, CODA must defend its narrow specialist and best-of-breed approach against larger-scale integrated enterprise system offerings.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: that CODA supplies financial software for Cubic s corporate accounting function. After evaluating it against the needs of the mass transport ticketing system, Cubic determined that CODA e-Finance met all of its selection criteria. Consequently, in keeping with Cubic s best of class development philosophy, Cubic will integrate CODA s financial software with Cubic s Nextfare Central System , whereby CODA e-Finance will facilitate the cross-billing and reporting necessary to ensure that each operator

Ramco to Its Customers - Let s Get Personal!
Ramco Systems returned to Las Vegas for its annual user group meeting in North America in October of 2003. We review the progress that Ramco has made on its promises to customers at the last user conference, the customers’ reactions to the progress, and where Ramco and its customers will go from here.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: somewhat skeptical. After all, software vendors have been making claims like this for a long time without delivering. This year s user conference did offer more proof of the capabilities that Ramco claims to have developed. Ramco and Ramco users detailed a number of recent projects that highlight the value and effectiveness of the VirtualWorks approach. One customer, a $2.5 billion global manufacturer of flexible packaging and pressure sensitive materials, was an early adopter of the solution. The

What Does the Future Hold for PRM?
Almost every company has been scrutinizing their relationships with partners more closely and figuring out how best to reach and nurture them. With so much business going through indirect sales channels in the next five years, the need for some form of partner relationship management (PRM) should not be questioned. The natural question is then why only a few software vendors specializing in PRM have thrived?

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: adoption of its DCM software solutions. Thus, HAHT must breathe a sigh of relief for finding its white knight in GXS. However, given the company s traditional focus on order management aspects including catalogues, configuration, order capture, order tracking, returns management, etc., one should watch GXS commitment to maintain continuity with HAHT s order management products, given it will likely focus on data synchronization and PIM in the immediate future. HAHT has a substantial customer base with

BMC Software Webs for the DBA
BMC Software, (NASDAQ: BMCS), has released a new product called Web DBA, designed to provide what they refer to as “application service assurance™”. The product is still in beta, and currently only supports Oracle, and is available for download and trial over the web.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: BMC Software Webs for the DBA BMC Software Webs for the DBA M. Reed - May 31, 2000 Read Comments M. Reed - May 31, 2000 Event Summary BMC Software, Inc., (NASDAQ: BMCS), a provider of what they refer to as application service assurance , today introduced Web DBA. Web DBA is the company s first Web-based interactive database solution that requires only a standard Internet browser to address the day-to-day database management tasks faced by today s database administrators (DBA) and developers. Web DBA is

Sourcing for Agile
This report looks at traditional and contemporary IT outsourcing practices, reflects on the changing dynamics of the customer/supplier relationship, and identifies priorities for evolving the role of procurement in IT outsourcing.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: on Investment (ROI) |  Software as a Service (SaaS) |  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
5/17/2012 4:28:00 PM

Design for Serviceability
When the product alone was the primary basis of competition, the life of a design engineer was a lot simpler. No more. Design engineers are being asked to make an increasingly complex set of trade-offs, requiring a very cross-functional and inter-enterprise approach to the design process.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: Design for Serviceability Design for Serviceability Bill McBeath - November 2, 2004 Read Comments A Passion to Serve As products commoditize, the battleground shifts to service excellence. Delivering exceptional service requires a real passion infused throughout the organization—a real desire to serve and make life easier for customers. It starts with how personnel are trained, not just in the service organization but across the company. But then it must be reinforced in every speech, every policy, and

Performance Management for Finance Executives: Driving Performance with Insight
With clear visibility into financial and operational performance information, financial executives can quickly identify variables that contribute to failed objectives as well as factors that enable success. This report provides guidance for implementing effective business performance management and the corresponding capabilities and enabling technologies that help improve financial and operational control.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: on Investment (ROI) |  Software as a Service (SaaS) |  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) BEGINLYXI
3/5/2012 4:06:00 PM

Net Woes for NetWare
Novell warned financial analysts of lower-than-expected revenues for the second quarter of 2000, as sales declined. This doesn’t bode well for NetWare.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: transition to being a software vendor for e-business. They ve developed some good products - their eDirectory is regarded as best-of-breed for enterprise/e-business directories. [See TEC s article: Novell Uses XML, LDAP, NDS to Manage AD, IOS, etc. ] But it s taking a lot longer to stop being a NetWare-centric company. Unfortunately for NetWare shops, Windows 2000 and Linux aren t giving Novell much breathing room. This sort of news is devastating to software vendors. When even Microsoft is thinking about

Best Practices in Creating a Strategic Finance Function
Best Practices in Creating a Strategic Finance Function. Find Free Blueprint and Other Solutions to Define Your Performance In Relation To the Best Pratices in Strategic Finance Function. Many chief financial officers (CFOs) have started to take on new strategic roles. Their goals are to enforce stricter controls to ensure legal and regulatory compliance, offer strategic insights into the internal and external business environment, and connect the business strategy with daily operations through performance tracking. Learn more about the changing role of the CFO in today’s finance organization.

SOFTWARE FOR PERSONAL FINANCE: track if your financial software provides the following: A single source for financial information (a pre- requisite for managing business processes beyond financials more effectively) More timely access to accurate data, improving communication between finance and operations Increased alignment between front- and back- office applications, enabling management to better administer and track business strategy and decisions Reduced cost of compliance with industry regulations (U.S. Financial Accounting
1/20/2009 1:14:00 PM

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