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Some of the major challenges faced by the finance and banking industry today include global economic conditions, new technology trends for financial services, and innovative business processes and services. The finance and banking industry represents a vital economic sector for every country. This industry is generally a reliable thermometer of regional and global economic conditions, due to the fact that it manages a major part of all financial transactions.
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General activities in the finance and banking sector include managing negotiable and financial instruments: savings accounts, investments, bonds, money market accounts, stocks, and derivatives. These activities are core to the economic sector in every country.

Besides the general challenges faced by the finance and banking industry, there are specific challenges that companies in this sector must confront in order to offer new services to users, and to improve the quality of existing services. Some of these specific challenges include
  • meeting all national, regional, and global regulatory standards for finance and banking services, as well as adapting to these regulatory frameworks within improved service models;
  • pursuing customer service improvement, with options like electronic banking and call center services for banking;
  • increasing the number and variety of currently offered financial and banking services;
  • improving proficiency and service productivity to increase the organization’s return on investment (ROI) for financial services; and
  • improving security schemes to mitigate financial risks and exposure.
Companies in the finance and banking space need specific software solutions to successfully address the challenges of a fierce competitive industry. Since this industry is based on bringing financial services to customers, customer care is one of the most important considerations when selecting systems designed for this industry. Customer relation management (CRM) systems with special features for financial and insurance institutions can enable them to efficiently address all customer care issues, and also renew and improve all service models.

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